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Are you past the age of 30 and concerned about 

  • Hypertension, triglycerides, cholesterol, high blood sugar?

  • Muscular/joint pain?

  • Disease (i.e. cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart issue)?

  • Hormonal issues?

Let a Medical Personal Trainer in Singapore help you manage diseases and their symptoms.

Ms Wong P S, Retiree

What clients say

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"In 49 days, between 2 medical reports, I've fixed all my health issues (triple highs) without any medications & can also see inches losing from my waist with Paul's help!"

Ms Wong,  Retiree​

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Ms Renee Tan, Cancer Survivor
HR Manager

What clients say

"I am a stage 3 metastatic cancer survivor. Coach Paul helped me with some stretching, strengthening and cardio exercises and nutrition guide designed specifically to improve the recovery process. After several weeks of training, I feel that I am back to the normal me. I feel energetic and alive again. I am thankful to Paul!"

Ms Renee Tan, Cancer Survivor

HR Manager​

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Certain unhealthy lifestyle and behavioural factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, and smoking dramatically increase an individual’s risk of developing health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar (pre-diabetes), overweight, injuries, pain (lower back, shoulder, neck pain, knee) etc. As we grow older, hormonal imbalances can complicate things and manage health becomes a major challenge. Taking medications rarely fix the problems because they only manage the symptoms, not the root cause. One will get into a vicious cycle of trying to fix one symptom after another.


As such, it is important to encourage healthful behaviour in individuals to minimize the impact of these issues on health, which may lead to more serious conditions later. 

If you already have been diagnosed with a more serious chronic disease like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes or stroke, gone through all the medical treatments and are in the already rehabilitative stage, we can help you get well sooner with our Medical Personal Training in Singapore. 

Better than drugs. With positive side effects.

It is well-established that a properly well-designed medical personal fitness program (i.e. exercise for cancer, heart, stroke, diabetes or high blood cholesterol patients) can help patients who are dealing with medical conditions with recovery, rehabilitation, and reducing the risk of recurrence. All these without causing side effects, as some drugs do, which further require more drugs to manage.


In fact, this program can benefit the patient beyond the intended outcome like improved fitness, better mood & quality of life etc. We called this 'positive side effects'.


But over 99% of fitness trainers and gyms are not equipped to help clients with medical conditions. A fitness program meant for someone who has medical issues is very different from someone who is younger and healthy. It can be counterproductive and cause dire consequences to follow the same program.

Developed since 2005 in Singapore by Medical Exercise Specialist (American Council on Exercise), Coach Paul Kuck, this Medical Personal Fitness Program aims to keep diseases and their related symptoms at bay with a holistically-designed personalized plan, grounded in medical and exercise science.

Medical reports: how we helped a client drop cholesterol levels in weeks



Read our blog for articles on how to manage medical issues like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases etc.

Read how Coach Shyne Hu helped a client who's had a tumor in the legs regain strength


This disease/pain management program includes: 


  • Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment

  • Reducing all Health Symptoms

  • Correcting Posture, Pain, and Muscle Imbalances 

  • Holistic Exercise Programming

  • Cardio-respiratory Fitness

  • Core and Balance Exercises

  • Flexibility and Stretching 

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications

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"I first got to know Paul through a colleague who shared that Paul helped her overcome some serious back problems. At the time, I was having problem with my left knee. Made it difficult for me to stand for extended period of time which I have to do when delivering my workshops. Thankfully, surgery was not needed after I got help from Paul. He offered advice that was counter-intuitive and against conventional wisdom. Most people would say to avoid exercising the injured know as it would cause more damage. But Paul's strategy was to do the correct exercises that strengthened the muscles around the knee without causing more harm. Today there is no more pain in the affected knee. In fact I can do one-legged squats on that knee! If I had not exercised, the muscles would have weakened and my knee would have been worse. This is why I trust Paul's advice and methods. Even his workouts are customised to me. What he does with me in one session depends on what we did in the session before and my current condition (e.g. fresh? tired?). And he is efficient as we exercise multiple muscle groups in the same movement saving time. I have been with him for several years now. I highly recommend Paul as a fitness trainer" 

Dr Jacob Lee,


S'pore top corporate trainer

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Dr Jacob Lee,
'Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Life'
Top corporate trainer
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What clients say


Coach Paul is a sought-after health speaker on medical fitness and how it impacts lives. Top, he talks about 'heart fitness' on a public event organised by Singapore Heart Foundation. Bottom, he covers 'diabetes fitness'.


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