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Struggling to lose weight?

You need cutting-edge programme, not equipment.

Certified Weight Loss Personal Trainer Singapore Reveals 5 Science-Backed Secrets to Lose Weight Faster Than Other Ways (1, 2).


Train Less, Lose More.

Mr Prakash Moorthy, Financial Consultant

What clients say


"as a leader in a financial firm, I found difficulties in keeping myself in shape because of my schedules. Fitness Tutor helped me overcome that. Without the need to train too regularly (I can only afford to train twice a week), and a  simple diet plan given, I managed to lose 12 kg of fat in a 5 months!”

Prakash Moorthy,

top financial advisor, prudential

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Hi, I am Coach Paul Kuck, founder of Fitness Tutor. As a personal trainer for weight loss (I am a Certified weight management specialist by the American Council on Exercise) in Singapore, I have been helping clients to lose weight effectively and safely for over 20 years with this science-based personal training programme. 


All my successfully-transformed clients would tell you the benefits of being lean and fit will far surpass the effort and costs involved. From looking good, staying immune to diseases, to a high energy level; it is a physical-renewal process. Despite all these amazing rewards waiting, merely taking the first step is often challenging. Fret not; we are here to help.

See how I recently helped a client lose 15kg of fat

in only 6 weeks!



We know you are too busy to keep in top shape, but if you know to do it with science, it is actually not hard to lose the weight and keep it off.  Really straight forward if you are with us. We will design a customised program to help you lose weight effectively and safely. No crash diets. No nonsense approach. Just pure healthy lifestyle changes.


We are so confident that we offer a 100% results guaranteed policy - you train for free if you don't see any result. Because if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for us. Does any other personal trainer or slimming programme in Singapore have such assuring policy?

We are the authentic fat-loss experts who have done a lot of research into what works best for people with difficulties losing weight and keeping it off. It boils down to basic physiology of science. 

So what are the secrets to reducing weight quickly?

Secret #1: accountability

Science has proven that accountability keeps you consistent by having you report back to someone what you’re successful–or unsuccessfully–doing with your diet and exercise regimen. All the celebrities and top athletes know this very well so they have their own personal trainers and coaches to help them get in shape fast.


Secret #2: lose fat, not just weight

Specifically, we help clients to lose as much body fat, which is the real goal of all weight loss. If the focus is just latter, you are losing water, muscle and little fat weight. You will regain all weight loss quickly, hence called the yo-yo effect.


Secret #3: build lean muscle tissues

This will boost the metabolic rate (like a car having a bigger engine using burning more fuel), prevent the weight from bouncing back. You also will give the body the shapely contour and bring up the fitness to new levels. 


Secret #4: follow a science-backed fat loss eating

Eating a fad diet will lose weight quickly but you will gain back the weight twice as fast because your metabolic rate plummets. The best way is to eat foods that support the building of lean muscle, keeping metabolism up and assist in the burning of fat at rest and during exercise.


Secret #5: the science of synergy

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. It is like A x B x C, not A + B + C. By working on the above 4 secrets and other smaller but important evidence-based strategies (like eating certain foods and actions) simultaneously you will lose weight a lot faster and far easier to maintain than if you were working on them separately.


Read our blog for 'The real secrets of weight loss' if you are keen about the details.


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typical BTP results

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no hype

What is Body-Transformation-Programme (BTP)?


For over two decades, we have helped countless busy individuals, get into great shape in 8 to 12 weeks with our Body-Transformation-Programme™ (BTP), even though many had never done any exercise nor eat nutritiously, or failed many times previously.


It is our very first innovation and our flagship personal trainer for weight loss in Singapore (note: there are many competitors who also use the name 'Body-Transformation-Programme' for their programmes. We started this 1998 and we have published it in various publications as evidence. Beware of copy-cats who hyped their programmes' effectiveness but do not use the same training methods).


Developed by internationally renowned weight loss personal trainer, Coach Paul Kuck,  who is a Certified Weight Management Specialist by the American Council on Exercise, also consultant/adviser for GNC's Body-for-Life challenge, this is not a typical slimming or weight management programme where the focus is entirely on weight loss which can lower metabolic rate and energy level, giving you a harder time to lose weight later. We apply all the 5 secrets above which is based on the latest scientific research from journals like 'International Journal of Obesity':


Our program is an honest, highly effective total body make-over personal weight loss fitness programme that consists of science-based concepts which include:


  1. Auditing - comprehensive assessment of your current health and fitness status.

  2. Customised routine based on fitness

  3. 2 x Weekly exercise sessions (inclusive of HIIT) and

  4. Behavioural modifications and nutrition counselling


What weight loss result can you expect?

No unrealistic promises e.g. '6-packs' overnight.


Many weight loss programmes often give hyped claims about weight loss results.


They love posting pictures of people developing 'six-packs from a huge belly' which normally need extreme dieting, unrealistic training volume and a long time frame. Not to mention possible drug use, 'lighting effects and posing skills' of the clients. Even if they were real, the sustainability of the outrageous results remains a big question.

We don't. We prefer to stay grounded and be honest when preaching about our success stories.

Realistic Results


Based on our experience, in 12 weeks, most people can expect to:

  • lose up to 8kg of body fat

  • build around 3-5kg of lean muscle tissues which will offset some of the weight.

  • so on the scale may show around 3-5kg of overall weight loss 

In equation format:  -8kg (fat weight) + 3kg (muscle weight) = -5kg (overall weight loss on scale).

(In a recent exceptional case, I have helped a client achieve beyond the norm's result of losing an average of 1kg of body fat every 3 days.)


Now, with such fairly impressive changes, you will look far shapelier and leaner than someone who has lost just 8kg of pure weight, which consist of water, some muscles and some fat. Besides, that, you will increase your metabolic rate (because of lean tissues built), which allows you to keep the weight off in the long run, something which is not happening if you just lost 'weight'.

If you want genuine '6 packs' we can help you just like how we have helped fitness and bodybuilding competitors. But it takes effort and commitment on your part.


Secondary goals beyond weight loss


Besides aesthetic goal as the main focus, our BTP, like all other programs, also help you to develop other aspects of health and fitness (e.g. flexibility, cardiovascular, strength) giving you that balanced fitness and complete look.

Contact us to try our honest BTP personal trainer weight loss programme in Singapore now.


  1. Elliot, C.A., Hamlin, M.J. Combined diet and physical activity is better than diet or physical activity alone at improving health outcomes for patients in New Zealand’s primary care intervention. BMC Public Health 18, 230 (2018).

  2. Boutcher SH. High-intensity intermittent exercise and fat loss. J Obes. 2011;2011:868305. doi: 10.1155/2011/868305. Epub 2010 Nov 24. PMID: 21113312; PMCID: PMC2991639.

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