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Science-based personal trainer Singapore:

Need expert help with your fitness?

Founded by Exercise Physiologist / Medical Personal Trainer Coach Paul Kuck in Singapore in 1998, Fitness Tutor is renowned for researching and coaching using the latest evidence-backed methods, setting the bar for the personal training industry in Singapore that provides you with cutting-edge solutions that totally exceed your expectations.

Our science-based personal training

(designed for mid 30s & above) include

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Lose fat, not just weight.

100% real slimming program.

Be transformed.

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Manage symptoms or recover from a disease or pain, without drugs.

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Gain muscle, build strength & increase testosterone.

Certified as Alpha Male.

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Organise/attend a talk to enrich your knowledge on nutrition & fitness.

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Get stronger, be pain-free, boost stamina & energy.

Zero to Hero.

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Take free online tests to know about testosterone, fat %, hypertension, cancer etc.

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unmatched reasons why we're the best personal 

trainers in Singapore for middle-aged professionals

1. Less training, more results

Others boast state-of-the-art facilities; we pride in state-of-the-art programs with comprehensive assessments and 100% personalised programs (using strategies eg 80/20) to achieve superior results with less training.

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2. Coaching experience

We have transformed thousands of lives for over two decades and counting, and have combined coaching experience of over 100,000 hrs.

3. Superior qualifications

In contrast to fly-by-night brawny trainers, we are exercise physiologists and nutritionists armed with BSc and MSc, with specialized certifications from reputable organisations. And we're also great athletes in many disciplines!

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4. We welcome families/friends

The only gym (award-winning by MCYS) that encourages family members to exercise together. Training with your spouse, children, parents or even friends is more fun and cost-effective!

5. Nutrition support

We offer science-based but commonsenscial nutrition advice, not latest fad-diets, to enhance results.

6. Great reputations

Well-respected in the fitness industry, we are the sought-after experts for technical advice/opinions for mass media, and we often conduct training and workshops for other fitness professionals. We have been awarded 'Best in Fitness and Nutrition', 'Best Personal Trainer of the Year' Awards, among other accolades.

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7. No hidden fees

You pay for training only, nothing else.

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8. Medical fitness solutions

We provide medical fitness solutions (manage diseases & pain) not just aesthetic goals (build muscle, lose fat).

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9. Original HIIT experts

Yes. We have used HIIT training and were experts long before it became a buzz.

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10. Hype-free results

We won't promise you the moon and the stars but prefer to be honest, underpromise and set realistic and achievable goals. Let our clients do the talking.

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11. 100% results guaranteed

If we say you can achieve a certain result, we mean it. You are backed by a 100% results/satisfaction guaranteed policy.

12. Your safety is #1

Injuries are common in gyms. The safety of clients is our top priority. Other than usual aches, injuries are extremely rare. In fact, we often have to deal with clients who've got injured from training elsewhere.

13. Exclusive studio

Located centrally at commonwealth, near areas like holland village and buona vista, this is a family/pet-friendly studio without obnoxious gym users. It has all your needs for the most conducive workout in the world. And with FREE parking!

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14. Nice personalities

Ever been freaked out by uncompromising trainers? We are all friendly, flexible, non-condescending, emphatic & non-judgemental. We promise to make your training fun.

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Grounded by science. 

Driven by results.

Over 20 years.


We are the ideal personal training solution provider in Singapore for respectable busy professionals, like yourself, who struggle to find time to exercise and eat healthily, yet need to be in great shape to cope with professional and personal demands. 

Others follow Trends


To help clients, we can't simply rely on the latest unproven fitness trends, cookie-cutter programs or fanciful gyms, which often fall short on delivering results because they lacked substance. Countless popular fitness programs/products (1) and mega gyms in Singapore (2) have come and gone, yet we are still keeping people in shape in our humble gym after all these years.

We follow Science


All our services are based on the latest exercise physiology, nutrition, psychology etc, which work synergistically to produce results, client after client, year after year.  We also attend upgrading courses and follow the latest journals to maintain at the forefront of coaching.


Read our reviews from clients, and soon you will add yours too.

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Mr. Axel Berkling

Exe Vice President, Kone Corp.

Weight & Lifestyle Issues

Being 50+ Agility and strength are now a core part of my training and I feel better than in my 40+.


Mrs. Joanna Huang

Top Financial Serv Asso Dir, AIA
Cancer Survivor & Weight Issues

I feel at ease entrusting my health and fitness programme to him

Somehow, I feel that I no longer start and drag a day with a tired body


Mr. Wil Finn

Lawyer, One Championship

Bodyshape & Back Issues

your ability to push me right to the edge of capacity without going too far over is is extremely obvious that i have made incredible gains (gained 4.5kg muscle, lost 7kg fat in only 10 sessions) since working with you!

prof jacob lee.jpg

Prof. Jacob Lee

Top Corporate Coach / Author

Lifestyle & Knee Issues

 Thankfully, surgery was not needed...there is no more pain in the affected knee. In fact I can do one-legged squats on that knee!