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Meet Singapore's #1
Medical Personal Trainer,
Coach Paul Kuck, MSc:
  • Need to manage health issue like high cholesterol, diabetes or cancer?

  • Does your health match up to your Multi-Million Dollar status?

  • Medical bills can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and up.

  • Want to look stunning outside and feel great inside?

Let's discuss


About Coach Paul Kuck

Remember that Ghost Busters' song with the line "Who ya gonna call?" I may not be Ghost Buster here, but certainly an established 'Disease Buster'

It is known fact by now the combination of exercise and nutrition is better than medicine to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases (1,2,3), with no bad side effects like bruising, increased bleeding, drowsiness, digestive, heart issues etc but tons of good ones like prevent secondary diseases, look good, mental sharpness etc.

But if you were diagnosed with an early-stage medical condition and tasked to exercise and eat healthily, without specific instructions how to do it, what are you going to do?


Are you going to pick up knowledge from internet, friends or fly-by-night trainers? Serious injuries, no results, wasted time, money and even death (4,5,6,7,) are common for following unsound methods. 

What if you do choose to do nothing? Your body simply becomes a depreciating asset very very quickly. Soon, it will be worth nothing.

Do you make these grave mistakes​?

You need a 100% professional who's serious and knows exactly what he's doing to help you in your quest for a bullet-proof body. Maintaining and growing its value.

Now, envision a life without pain, anguish or uncertainty. Imagine yourself leaner, healthier and feeling on top of the world.



It is no coincidence all the richest and the smartest people placed a great emphasis on health and fitness, like many of my clients.


Almost no one in Singapore is as dedicated as me when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I started learning about them when I was 7 (yes, when other boys were playing with cards and remote-controlled cars). I learned everything I could. Here are my credentials:


  • Master's Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science (UK) (topped my class).

  • Certified-Gold status as a Medical Exercise Specialist and Weight Management Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.

  • Certified Fitness Instructor (was a course lecturer too) by Sports S'pore.

  • A few dozens others


Since I founded Fitness Tutor in 1998, I have helped thousands of individuals improve their health and fitness using only evidence-based solutions. I advocated HITT long before it became popular, and most people (including instructors) have no idea what it is and misuse it.

In addition, I have published countless articles and spoken on topics relating to fitness and health. I held the position of chief editor for the publication of S'pore Fitness Instructors' Association (read by over 2000 fitness professionals), among many other fitness leadership positions.


I am deeply passionate (maybe a little obsessed) about helping people with medical issues, especially those who are middle aged and seniors. This is in part due to me personally witnessed many people, especially family members, suffering from illnesses but didn't get the right solutions they deserved. Many had resorted to either extreme medical procedures (many times unnecessary) or unsound alternative methods. So, I dedicated myself to transform people's health using only scientifically proven methods. The answer lies in my 3-pronged approach:


  1. Science-Based Exercise Programs,

  2. Functional Nutrition Advise and

  3. Appropriate Lifestyle Modifications  


As a middle-aged man myself now, I have neither medical conditions nor fallen sick for over 30 years, even during this Covid period. This is because I practice what I preach.

My programs are so successful they may put many doctors out of jobs in future.


I promote only no-nonsense science-based personal training program not the latest state-of-art gym or gimmickry programs targeting at ill-informed group. Many of my clients are who's-who of various industries who won't settle for anything less can testify that.

These are some of the reasons I was conferred the title 'Personal Trainer of the Year' (SEA 2022)

Are you gonna call me now?


Do you have any of these 12 familiar medical conditions?
I can help to manage / reverse it

(important: this is not a short-cut, 'magic-cure' or 'effortless' program but a lifestyle change):

shield_8273312 (3).png


BMI > 25, Fat % > 20 or Waist > 90cm

shield_8273312 (3).png

Bone/Muscle Diseases

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia, Muscular dystrophy

shield_8273312 (3).png

Pain Issues

Shoulder, knee, back or elbow pain

shield_8273312 (3).png


Prenatal & Postpartum

shield_8273312 (3).png


Blood Sugar > 100 mg/dl

shield_8273312 (3).png

Heart Diseases

CAD, stroke, arrhythmia, heart attack/failure etc.

shield_8273312 (3).png


BP > 130 / 80

shield_8273312 (3).png


OA and RA

shield_8273312 (3).png


All non-genetic Cancers eg breast, colon.

shield_8273312 (3).png

Cholesterol Issues

LDL > 100mg/dl or OxLDL > 70u/l

shield_8273312 (3).png

Hormone Issues

Testosterone, Thyroid, Estrogen etc

shield_8273312 (3).png

Generally Unhealthy

Feeling/looking old, tired & out of shape. Never exercised

Personal Training Services

I help clients transform their shape and health using cutting-edge medical personal training programs and diet consultations

One on One

Experience undivided attention from the best for the best 

(Rate: from $140 / sess)


Train in small group setting, but with personalised routine for a fraction of the price.

(Rate: from $80 a sess)

Consulting / Speaking

Need help with educating your audience or yourself with real science-based knowledge instead of run-of-mill or outdated information?

(Rate: get quote)

Personal Training Process



A time is arranged to discuss about your goal(s) and level of motivation.



I'll conduct fitness assessment, review your current diet, lifestyle and medical report. This is like performing an anti-virus / performance scan.



I will design an appropriate program and diet plan based on your preference, goal(s) and fitness level. This is an ongoing process.

icons8-thumbs-up-64 (1).png


Once goal(s) is/are met, further changes to routine are made to advance to next target(s). 

What Clients Say.


Ms Jeannie Chua

CEO, Raffles Holdings & Ascott Grp

Forbes Asia's "50 Women In the Mix"

Paul's professionalism is top notch. Under his coaching, I have begun to see major improvements in health and physical functions. I feel I am getting younger and fitter in many ways

See the miraculous results.

From highly dependent to fully independent

I helped 83 year old Mdm Tan transformed from a bed ridden (for a few months due to a serious medical condition) senior citizen who could no longer walk to being able to do many day-to-day things on her own, including doing grocery shopping, own walks, climb stairs and even squatting for many reps (as shown) with a set of bad knees (as told by doc she could never squat ever again)!

As featured in



  1. Manini TM. Using physical activity to gain the most public health bang for the buck. JAMA Intern Med. 2015;175:968-969.

  2. Naci H, Ioannidis JP. Comparative effectiveness of exercise and drug interventions on mortality outcomes: meta-epidemiological study. Br J Sports Med. 2015;49:1414-1422.

  3. Elliot, C.A., Hamlin, M.J. Combined diet and physical activity is better than diet or physical activity alone at improving health outcomes for patients in New Zealand’s primary care intervention. BMC Public Health 18, 230 (2018).



  6. Gym fails compilations.

  7. Khawandanah, Jomana & Tewfik, Ihab. (2016). Fad Diets: Lifestyle Promises and Health Challenges. Journal of Food Research. 5. 80. 10.5539/jfr.v5n6p80. 

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